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Even the cult of Brodsky-the-decadent-poet rests on the foundation laid by the trial of Brodsky-the-parasite. The profession of "poet" was not recognized by the judge as a legitimate occupation in his case. He became a celebrity thanks to the not so much cruel as stupid conduct of the authorities, who forgot that the West scrutinizes what goes on in the USSR under a magnifying glass. Solzhenitsyn-the-mediocre-writer ought to divide his royalties with the Soviet authorities in gratitude for the colossal publicity campaign they provided for him by sending him into exile.

Even if he were to do so, however, it would never be enough to reward adequately the Western press and Western circles hostile to the USSR for the publicity they showered on his tardy, unjust, and hysterical criticism of Soviet society. Russian literature has, in a sense, been force-fed with politics. The Russian writer is automatically expected to be either exclusively Soviet or exclusively dissident.

I had to survive seven years and thirty-five rejections from American publishing houses to see my novel It's Me — Eddie in print in the United States. And even as the rejections rolled in, all sorts of "exposés" of the Soviet Union made their way to an American publisher without any difficulty. Soviet publishing houses manifest the same delight in regurgitating a novel about the life-style of the American unemployed. The entire world, in my view, pays far too much attention to the activities and internal policies of the USSR. Every random philistine who's read his share of cheap newspapers imagines himself to be a Kremlinologist and irritates the Russian writer in exile with vituperations over the KGB, the Gulag, Siberia, Afghanistan, Poland, and God only knows what other sort of rot.

I can't stand that sort of attention; I feel as if I were a Roman, and as such responsible for everything that Rome did, or did not do. Not infrequently, you are liked or disliked simply because you are a Roman Russian , and therefore a son of that powerful state, albeit it a prodigal one. Once, in a discotheque in Nice, someone learned that I was Russian and called me a pig.

Graciously, I forgave this untypical representative of the French people his barbarity. Sometimes I use English as camouflage and pass myself off as an American. Still, that's a tricky game because, if roughly one-half of the world's population doesn't like Russians, the other half is hostile to the Yankees. Nowadays I try to pass myself off as an Albanian writer in exile. I do not, for example, perceive a great difference in the life of ordinary people in most countries. Under any political system the working man I was a working stiff for twenty years puts in his eight hours a day. The social system has yet to be invented which will free him from these eight unpleasant hours of daily slavery.

Perhaps the Soviet worker is more poorly dressed and his breakfast less nutritious than that of his alter ego in the U. And what about the Soviet threat to the West? I don't believe it exists. The U. No Soviet soldier has ever occupied one inch of U. The USSR has never used nuclear weapons, whereas in the United States introduced a sinister era by dropping atomic weapons on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If we dig deeper into history, we will uncover other invasions of Russia by the West: Any objective observer would have to conclude that it is Russia who should fear the West, and not the contrary. I believe it would be useful to send future heads of state incognito, of course into exile for a few years into the supposedly hostile country. This would liberate them from provincialism, phobias, and prejudices. True, the methods of the FBI are more modem. They don't arrest dissidents, for this would transform them into celebrities by the next morning. All glory to the FBI! The KGB, however, is studying the techniques of its older brother and is successfully modernizing its own methods The passportless exile has to have a heightened sense of humor.

After that, however, I had no further desire to return to the United States of America. I was afraid that the Immigration Service would confiscate my reentry permit No. Any sort of pretext would do, such as, for example, a "lost" folder. It is entirely possible that I was issued this improper reentry permit with precisely this purpose in mind [as well as a fully understandable desire to make my life more complicated. I swear by the heavens that I have never been arrested in the United States, never been mentally ill, and never been a member of the hated Communist Party. Nor do I suffer from a persecution complex. For a long while I lived in France with my "false" document, and was even obliged to turn down an invitation from the Bert Bakker Publishing House to visit Holland.

On another occasion I refused to travel to England when my book was published by Picador. Both in Moscow and in New York I followed my own inclinations. As for politics, political parties, and politicians, I have always viewed them as a cancer on the body of humankind. Before I never made any really serious attempts. Inasmuch as my verse manner is marked by an intentional primitivism in Russian poetry I am the equivalent of Customs House Official Rousseau , I always took it for granted that my poetic production would not be to the taste of Soviet publishing enterprises and would be rejected.

In , however, to my amazement, the magazine Smena accepted for publication several of my poems. Only my departure from the USSR that same year prevented their publication. Now that nine of my books have appeared in French translation and my first novel has even been published in half a dozen languages, I believe I have the right to consider myself a successful writer. I have now lived for several years exclusively on income from literature. True, the majority of French and American writers would find it impossible to exist on the more than modest sums that literature provides me, but their needs are greater than mine.

After twenty years of all sorts of odd jobs tailor, stockman, steel worker, bookseller, stone mason, common laborer, painter, butler, etc. I am happy to have the opportunity to be just a writer. I don't see that this question has any meaning. I pick my friends and acquaintances, and — as a rule — their national peculiarities are not their most important qualities. My French friends are just as unusual and unique, in their own way, as my American or Russian friends. As for the crowd on the street, all I require of it is that it does not attack me. Motivated by usually selfish or vengeful interests, the dissidents stir up public opinion and Western governments against the USSR.

The second cold war has been, in many ways, the fruit of the efforts of the dissidents and their rhetoric, which is rich in phrases like "the blood-drenched Soviet regime. To curry maximum sympathy in the West, dissidents — like fishermen and hunters — have considerably dramatized their own tales of woe. Since the sixties, for example, I have been watching the number of people estimated to have perished in the camps grow steadily.

Khrushchev spoke of thousands; the dissidents at the time spoke of hundreds of thousands. Now they claim the astronomical figure of seventy million! Historians cannot agree on the number of casualties in World War I there are about a hundred estimates! Their statement, "Our former homeland is the absolute worst! The Gulag has long ago entered into the tragic pages of Russian history, but a good two-thirds of the world — most of the countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa — are now undoubtedly trampling human rights far more energetically than their colleagues in the USSR.

Alas, this is not all so innocent. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to share exile with the dissidents, and to struggle as a writer for my place in the sun — and it is a struggle to find publishers and readers. Former Soviet writers, who cannot conceive of themselves without a boss, have managed to slip into the sphere of ideological service in their new homelands. Vladimir Maksimov, Vladimir Voinovich, Anatoly Gladilin, Georgy Vladimov, Vasily Aksyonov, and numerous other more minor figures diligently serve their new masters in radio broadcasting, cascading propaganda over the entire Soviet Union, and also in emigre newspapers and magazines — once financed directly by the CIA, but now by the U.

State Department. From time to time these dissidents are permitted in the Washington Post , Newsweek , Time , etc. In exchange for their good conduct they earn such epithets as "outstanding," "major," and "famous. For example, when Patricia Blake, an editor for Time , wrote a survey of Russian literature, the most important Russian writer was not Solzhenitsyn or Sinyavsky-Terts, but Vasily Aksyonov.

Unfortunately, Time readers do not suspect that Patricia Blake is a personal friend of Aksyonov and his wife. I want to note here that the profession of dissident in the USSR has long since ceased to be that of a sapper, who errs only once. After celebrating their departure by an expensive drunken party in a Soviet restaurant, the very next day they celebrated their arrival in the West with an expensive drunken party in a restaurant in London, Paris, New York, or at the very least in Vienna.

And he'll be right. This meanness explains precisely why I prefer to live among the quiet, nice peoples of the world. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of these quiet, nice peoples, and more and more of the nasty variety. The Armenians started killing Turks because, at the turn of the century, the Turks had butchered them. Evidently, the Jews and the Arabs will never stop killing each other. The Salvadorans are real artists at assassinating each other, while the Afghans slaughter each other and the Russians who came to their mountainous land to kill the bad Afghans. The Americans, a very civilized nation, permitted of their soldiers to be killed in Lebanon. Then, to compensate for their loss, they landed in Granada, knocked off a few Granadians and Cubans, and — proud of themselves — left.

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